The European Institute of Immersion Teaching is an INTERNATIONAL organization which is open to all institutions and persons interested in immersion.

The objective of the Institute is to foster RESEARCH, INFORMATION, TRAINING and CONSULTATION in connection with LANGUAGE IMMERSION.

The Institute defines immersion as an educational programme where

  • the language to be acquired is used as medium of instruction

  • access to the programme is optional

  • special attention is paid to the status of the languages involved, in the school and in the community

  • the linguistic and cultural heritage of the child is taken into consideration

  • the development of the mother tongue is encouraged and supported.

  • The Institute regards as fundamental that immersion teachers have access to training and resources which will enable them at all times to guarantee the communicability and efficiency of the interactions conveyed through the new language.

    The European Institute of Immersion Teaching offers services to its members in the following fields:

    • the encouragement of theoretical and practical EXCHANGES between all European immersion experiments presently underway

    • the creation of a DATA BANK on immersion programmes

    • CONSULTATION on immersion programmes

    • the promotion of RESEARCH and ASSESSMENT

    • collaboration in TEACHER TRAINING

    • the organization of CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS

    • the development of RESOURCES and METHODS

    • the edition of a NEWSLETTER and promotion of other PUBLICATIONS

    The Institute's corporate headquarters and its central administration offices are located in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain), whereas a permanent secondary headquarters is based in Vaasa (Finland). The headquarters in Finland will be responsible for all services in Northern Europe.