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Teachers, researchers, administrators, and parents of immersion students,

The American Council on Immersion Education is looking for contributors to
the three issues of the 2002-03 newsletter. Articles of between 750 and 1000
words can be submitted by e-mail for the following categories. We would
especially like to hear from more secondary and university level immersion
programs. Deadlines for the coming academic year are August 15 for the fall
issue, November 15 for the winter issue, February 15 for the spring issue.

BEST PRACTICES: proven techniques/strategies that work in the immersion
classroom; school- or district-wide policies that support second language
learning in an immersion setting
Examples of past articles:
Classroom As Much Fun as Recess! Using Drama for Form-Focused Primary
Instruction; Doing Oral History in a Spanish Immersion Social Studies
School-wide Peer Coaching: A Partnership for Professional Practitioners;
Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum: FLAC; Equalizing the Status of Both
Languages in a Dual Immersion School
District-wide K-12 Immersion Programs: Articulation and Implementation

IMMERSION 101: basic principles behind successful programs
Hawaiian Immersion: Revitalizing a Cultural Heritage; How do I Become an
Immersion Teacher; Choosing an Immersion Model: The Moorhead Experience

POINTS FOR PARENTS extracurricular support of language learning
Homework in an Immersion Classroom: Parental Friend or Foe?; A Dozen
Activities for Promoting the Use of Spanish Outside of School; Parent
Advocacy in Milwaukee;The Changing Role of the Parent-Teacher Organization
in an Immersion School

Cincinnati: Over Two Decades of Immersion Education; Dual Language
Immersion: Profile of Chicago's Early Childhood Program ; A French Immersion
Charter School: Kansas City's Academie Lafayette

RESEARCH REPORTS: summaries of recent studies
English and Spanish Use by Three Fifth Graders in a Full Immersion Classroom
Brain Research: Implications for Second Language Learning

Saving What? (Making a case for a curriculum specialist/program
coordinator); Social & Cognitive Challenges of Middle School Japanese
Immersion;To Find the Best Teachers One Has to Look

This feature is intended to make the link between research on immersion
education and classroom practice.
Integrating Language and Content Instruction in the Immersion Classroom;
Research on Error Correction and Implications for Classroom Teaching; Is
Immersion Education Appropriate for All Students?; Immersion Teaching
Strategies Observation Checklist; Creating a Reflective Climate for Success

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