LIME: una mailing list sull'immersione linguistica in Europa
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List for Language Immersion in Europe

LIME is an open and unmoderated list for scholars, teachers, administrators, and other persons interested in various aspects of language immersion in Europe.

The aim of the list is to enable global communicaion regarding teaching, study, and administration of language immersion in general and in Europe in particular and to provide a forum for

* sharing of critical research queries and other specialized topics,
* information about new publications and research reports,
* circulation of calls for papers, conference announcements, and other professional and academic notices,
* information on academic programs and teaching related to language immersion,
* discussion about theoretical, pedagogical, and administrative issues, and
* information about job opportunities, exchange programmes and scholarships for teachers, scholars, and administrators.

LIME is administrated by Karita Mård (, Centre for Immersion and Multilingualism, University of Vaasa, Finland.


Please send a message to and in the body of your message give command

subscribe LIME your e-mail address

(e.g. subscribe LIME where the address is optional (the default address is the one you are sending the mail from)


If you want to send a message to all list members please use the following address

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